Is it acceptable that…?

Lose of Amenity: Is it Acceptable That………..?

We are entitled to live a peaceful existence in our own homes. Protection of this entitlement is the reason some areas are zoned for residential purposes and some are zoned for commercial or other uses. Both national and regional policies have as a core objective the preservation and enhancement of the amenity value of residential areas. The most pertinent local policies are those contained in the City Development Plan.

We previously posed the following questions in the local press to highlight how the residential amenity of the area is negatively impacted by activities at Pearse Stadium, and how the negative effect on the existing amenity would be increased if the current proposal for floodlighting were allowed.

Should some residents have to put in extra fencing to protect their property?

Is it acceptable that previous planning conditions to protect various aspects of this amenity are not enforced?

Should we have strangers knocking on our doors asking to use the toilet?

Should we have strangers using our gardens as toilets?

Should we accept being blocked in or out of our homes due to lack of adequate parking for events in the Stadium?

Should we have to suffer being stuck in traffic outside our homes?

Should we risk emergency services such as fire brigade or ambulance not being able to gain access?

Should we have to tolerate litter on and adjacent our property?

Should we have to endure air horns being blown outside our homes?

Should we have to tolerate the noise of electricity generators?

Should we have to put up with crowd noises at night? We would point out that you could have great enjoyment as a participant at a loud, active party. However, your perception of that same party will be totally different if you are trying to sleep next door.

Should we have to listen to the public address system at night?

Should we be expected to allow massive advertising hoardings in front of our homes?

Is it acceptable that the GAA would hold events in Pearse Stadium and totally wash their hands of any responsibility for helping deal with the problems arising?

Is it acceptable that proper and sustainable planning of the area be ignored to facilitate vested interests?

Should we accept devaluation and degradation of our homes and living environment?

Should we ignore the City development plan to suit vested interests?

Is it acceptable that the City Council put political considerations before their brief on proper planning.

Is it acceptable that anyone would try to erect five giant pylons whose technical specifications state that they can only withstand maximum wind speeds of 116 miles per hour when Met Eireann have recorded speeds of 125 miles per hour?

Is it acceptable that such pylons would be erected so close to existing homes and schools that should a part of the structure fall off it could result in fatal consequences?

Should we suffer from over shadowing by these masts?

Is it acceptable that the GAA would give guidelines in their official handbook on best practice in order to comply with planning conditions and then try to do the exact opposite in Pearse Stadium?

Is it acceptable that someone with no means other than the old age pension or who is unemployed has to pay every time they want to voice an opinion on a planning application that could have a major impact on their lives while a multi millions organisation can submit as many applications as they like without any cost because they are given exemption from paying fees?

Is it acceptable that TV cameras be mounted opposite peoples’ bedroom windows?

Should we have to tolerate the smell and noise from fast food trucks?

Should our children have their sleep interrupted by intrusive light and noise?

Should we run the risk of having sensitive equipment like laptop and PCs damaged by potential power surges when large amounts are suddenly drawn from the local grid?

Is it acceptable that bottles are thrown over the wall from the Pearse |Stadium to the adjoining properties?


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